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    A set of cards with oracles from 50 artists Authors: Katya Tylevich and Mikkel Sommer 50 Pages Language: English 12,1 x 5,1 x 16,5 cm ISBN: 9781786270139

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    This puzzle gives you a possibility to recreate works of Piet Mondrain Cards in Box 57 cards 14,5 x 14,5 cm ISBN: 9781786274021

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    Illustrated by Rebecca Clarke Language: English 55 pages 6,4 x 2,2 x 8,9 cm ISBN: 9781786270146

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  • 8_10004239

    Art Out of the Box is a fun, activity game for both kids and adults– no artistic prowess required! Free your imagination or just fill up a rainy afternoon with 80 lively drawing prompts in Art Out of the Box. Pick a subject card, add a technique card and reinvent the world with your imagination. These 80 cards are all you need for hours of creative...

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    This game was designed by Bruno Munari and Giovanni Belgrano in 1970, two years after he published "The circus in the mist", in which Munari used a "seethrough" effect. It contains 72 items : images on transparent backgrounds that can be superposed and combined to create a story, entirely based on the player's imagination. The combinations are infinite,...

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    This game was designed by Bruno Murani and Giovanni Belgrano. It contains 40 cards with subjects photographed from different point of view and in various ways : a shoe, a hand or a fish can look different once seen from distinct perspectives. The game increases the ability to distinguish real objects from their representations.  Published by Corraini...

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  • 8_10005182

    "The Endless Odyssey" revisits the Victorian myriorama : 20 picture cards can be places in any order, creating infinite combinations of stories. Representing characters from the Odyssey (cyclops, gods, winged horse), this storytelling game stimulates the imagination, as the story unfolds with the cards.   Published by Laurence King, 201920 cards in a...

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  • 1_10003398

    "Baby Art Gallery" contains 8 cards with black and white high-contrast art images that will stimulate the baby's focus. Inspired by the world's most famous artists, these cards will be an entertaining art experience.   Published by Laurence King, 20198 cards14 x 19 cm ISBN: 9781786272881

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    This game was designed by Bruno Murani and Giovanni Belgrano in 1976. It contains 52 cards that can form eight sequences of images to be ordered : a bird coming out of a cage, a house under construction, a plant that grows,... Each card contains different clues to help identify the order of succession. The sequences can be made of 3 to 10 cards,...

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