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For any query about the online store, please contact the Paris bookstore (store@perrotin.com).

Location Address Working hours
Perrotin Bookstore Paris 76 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris

Phone: +33184177445
Email: store@perrotin.com

Tuesday:  11h00 - 19h00

Wednesday:  11h00 - 19h00

Thursday:  11h00 - 19h00

Friday:  11h00 - 19h00

Saturday:  11h00-19h00

Perrotin Bookstore New York 130 Orchard Street, 10002 New York, NY

Phone: +19177935259
Email: storeny@perrotin.com

website : storeny.perrotin.com

Tuesday:  11AM - 6PM

Wednesday:  11AM - 6PM

Thursday:  11AM - 6PM

Friday:  11AM - 6PM

Saturday:  11AM - 6PM

Sunday:  11AM - 6PM