Sophie Calle - "The Breasts" (EN)

Sophie CALLE

Digital print on Fine art 100% cotton paper
70 x 50 cm / 27,5 x 19,6 in
Edition of 150 copies in French and 150 copies in English
This edition comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by the artist

English version

French version available here

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Text of the print in english version :

"I was a flat-chested teenager. Still, wanting to be like my friends, i bought a bra, a soutien-gorge which, of course, I didn’t need. My mother, who possessed a magnificent bosom and a sharp wit, called it my "soutien-rien"-my support-nothing. I can still hear her words today. Over the years that followed my chest slowly pushed out. Nothing to write home about, though. Suddenly, in 1992, a transformation occurred. In the space of six months, spontaneously, I had proper tits : no treatmens, no operations. A miracle. I swear. I was thrilled, but not really surprised. I put this feat fown to twenty years of frustration, envy, dreams and sights."


Text of the print in French version :

" Adolescente, j’étais plate. Pour imiter mes amies, j’avais acheté un soutien-gorge dont je ne tirais évidemment aucun avantage. Ma mère, qui exhibait fièrement un buste resplendissant, et ne manquait jamais l’occasion de faire un mot d’esprit, l’avait surnommé soutien-rien. Je l’entends encore. Durant les années qui suivirent, tout doucement, ma poitrine prit du relief. Mais rien de bien excitant. Et subitement, en 1992 – la transformation s’opéra en six mois-, elle s’est mise à pousser. Seule, sans traitement ni intervention extérieure, miraculeusement. Je le jure. Triomphante mais pas vraiment surprise, j’ai attribué la performance à vingt ans de frustration, de convoitise, de rêveries, de soupirs."