Transbordeur photographie n°2 : « Photographie et exposition »

Published by Macula, 2018
Directed by Claire-Lise Debluë & Olivier Lugon
Texts by François Brunet, Ascanio Cecco, Claire-Lise Debluë, Anne Develey, Florian Ebner, Uwe Fleckner, Sonja Gasser, Arno Gisinger, Carolin Görgen, Claus Gunti, Allison Huetz, Michael Lucken, Olivier Lugon, Gabrielle Schaad, Sören Schmeling, Steffen Siegel, Estelle Sohier, Muriel Willi
256 pages
28 x 21,5 cm
Texts in French
ISBN : 9782865891047
ISSN : 25529137

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