Charles Harrison, Paul Wood, Jason Gaiger - Art in theory 1815-1900: An Anthology of Changing Ideas

Published by Wiley-Blackwell, 1998

260 artists texts and documents, edited by Charles Harrison, Paul Wood and Jason Gaiger.

Texts in English

17,5 x 24,5 cm

1120 pages

ISBN: 9780631200666

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Table of content : 


A Note on the Presentation and Editing of Texts.

General Introduction.

Part I: Feeling and Nature:.

1. Originality and Genius.

2. Responses to Nature.

Part II: The Demands of the Present:.

3. Utility and Revolution.

4. Art and Nature Moralised.

5. Systems and Techniques.

6. The Individual in the Present.

Part III: Modernity and Bourgeois Life:.

7. Modern Conditions.

8. Realism and Naturalism.

9. Morals and Standards.

10. The Conditions of Art.

Part IV: Temperaments and Techniques:.

11. Effects and Impressions.

12. Photography as an Art.

13. Science and Method.

Part V: Aesthetics and Historical Awareness:.

14. Empathy and the Problem of Form.

15. Cultural Criticism.

16. The Independence of Art.

Part VI: The Idea of Modern Art:.

17. Modernist Themes: Paris and Beyond.

18. Expression and Colour.

19. Symbolism.


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